T1 Sustainable use of water and energy in urban contexts WATER- ENERGY NEXUS IN ARID AREAS

•WP1: “Sustainable use of water and energy in urban contexts” has a 90 minutes session (Presentation + discussion)

•Each university will have 12 min to present  + 3 minutes for questions regarding the presentation itself.

•Presenting institutions: UChile, UACh, UCN & ITAS-KIT

•Scheme: •5 min introduction •12+3 min each presenter •25 min discussion with audience.

•Audience coming from different areas, industry included, therefore presentation should be held in an easy language presenting easy to understand concepts/examples/current work .


•UChile: (probably) Direct reuse of wastewater within a botanic garden. Presenter: Ana Lucía Prieto •ITAS: relevant actors for the implementation of the water-energy nexus in Chile. Presenter: Vanessa Bolívar.

•UACH: Unknown. Presenter Carolina – Architect

•UCN: Presenter Jose Guerra – Architect

•Short presentation of the Circular Economy Research group, focusing on construction.

•Water- energy nexus in arid areas (setting Chile as an example, but generalizing to other arid areas too)

•The challenges: water infrastructure inflexibility, energy consumption and infrastructure, isolation and shadow problems.

•Paths to find a solution: •innovations in the urban design of the cities, the neighborhoods, buildings and houses.

•What can we do with existing technological/ technical solutions? What is still missing?.

•Who is missing? Which alliances are necessary for this to happen? Relevant key actors and the type of relationship that is needed. •Interesting research topics